A Resolution

A re-post for those who don’t follow my “other” blog, now my permanent residence 🙂

The Fairy of Disenchantment

Have the words changed since you read it the last time, Jian Qing?

Dear Disenchantment, always a comedian. I put down the letter that I’ve been compelled, for days now, to keep touching, keep staring at, along with the attached statement of benefits that seems as chimerical as the Fairy herself. The most critical piece of my disability-application ordeal has finally, after four months—the last month of which made me sicker than I was when I stopped working—been resolved.

I’m still fixing the numbers into my mind: this will be my monthly income for the next 12 years, and right now, it’s enough. More than I expected, even. I was never really sure of the amount, especially after taxes, but I did myself a service low-balling my estimate. If my Social Security disability application goes through, I might actually have income to save, or spend on a long-needed disappearance to…

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The writing life so far, or, don’t look down

Hello there! If you are still following this blog, you might like to wander over to its predecessor (and successor), The Fairy of Disenchantment, which has a new post! After my retirement from the workforce this fall, I decided there was still a need for a blog about literary therapy for MS, so the Fairy was the one I picked to revive. I am also still over on Instagram and Twitter @sunhesper (both places) which will become more important as the book nears completion… 🙂 Thanks everyone for reading!

The Fairy of Disenchantment

<< Opening epigram from my novel-in-progress and also the first thing you see on my new site: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/sunhesper >>

It seems I’ve become a writer full-time. Though exactly what I intended to end up, one day, not at all the way I expected to get here.

I felt a need to come back to this, my first blog, because it is a document of how long I’ve struggled to balance work and chronic illness since my diagnosis with MS in 2010. Back then, when things were really bad (the first time), people close to me said “You could go on disability”. Unfortunately in 2010, or 2015, or even 2019, there was no way that could happen financially. If you look through back posts here, you’ll see a fair amount of agonizing around how much longer I could sustain working even part-time with my cognitive- and fatigue-related symptoms. What has changed…

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