A Resolution

A re-post for those who don’t follow my “other” blog, now my permanent residence 🙂

The Fairy of Disenchantment

Have the words changed since you read it the last time, Jian Qing?

Dear Disenchantment, always a comedian. I put down the letter that I’ve been compelled, for days now, to keep touching, keep staring at, along with the attached statement of benefits that seems as chimerical as the Fairy herself. The most critical piece of my disability-application ordeal has finally, after four months—the last month of which made me sicker than I was when I stopped working—been resolved.

I’m still fixing the numbers into my mind: this will be my monthly income for the next 12 years, and right now, it’s enough. More than I expected, even. I was never really sure of the amount, especially after taxes, but I did myself a service low-balling my estimate. If my Social Security disability application goes through, I might actually have income to save, or spend on a long-needed disappearance to…

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