Poem “Fox Magic” at Gobblers/Masticadores

I’m thankful to Gobblers/Masticadores for featuring my poem “Fox Magic”. I perennially miss the fox family that our neighbors drove away by buying a dog.

Image by David Mark from Pixabay

Thanks also for your good wishes for my recent health struggles. Looks like I’m coming out of the woods. Am I the only one who has this little song come into their head when they use that phrase?

10 thoughts on “Poem “Fox Magic” at Gobblers/Masticadores

    • I’m glad to hear that! The formatting as it was published there is actually different than my original formatting and at first I was bothered by that (if it’s not Word it’s WordPress) but then I realized this was the perfect poem to be played with. Technology is a trickster. ^_^

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    • Thank you, Rose! I’m through that part of things, and dealing with those other issues, but all will be well in time… ❤️


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