Third Day

The UNPRECEDENTED project is wonderful. It’s turned a really miserable period of time — and I don’t mean this year+, I mean the past several days — into something useful. Sometimes only the most brutal inspiration will get me to break past the barrier I make in my mind between visual art and written art and what I permit myself to produce based on some arbitrary assessment of self-worth. The point, the project presses, is simply to pass the time. And it happens to be a dark, damned time.

Tomorrow will actually be the Thirteenth Day of my journey into delayed-reaction-vaccine-induced MS misery, which has felt like traveling back in time to my first full-body assault by the disease. (This is not uncommon, and I’m not necessarily regretting vaccination but I really would’ve liked a little advance warning.) I have no idea how long I’m in for, but as of yesterday I can actually walk pretty well, so that’s something; we may be tapering off into the more tolerable end of the spectrum. That, I believe, is thanks to a new prescription for Baclofen… a Faustian bargain to be sure.


15 thoughts on “Third Day

  1. I’ve just received the appointment for my second dose next week… reaction to first one was a bit rough for a couple of days and then a gradual return to ‘normal’–which, like you, isn’t entirely normal by *everyone’s* standards–so hoping this is not too much different this time. Best wishes for getting up and going again soon. 🙂

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    • I remember your first dose experience, and I’m going to hope you are right. These things seem wildly unpredictable, so why not be optimistic? I am actually feeling quite a bit better today, so thanks for the positive energy!


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