Poem “The mud of the rio grande does not easily release” at Gobblers / Masticadores

I’m very pleased to have The mud of the rio grande does not easily release featured at Masticadores.

Seeing it again makes me so homesick for the Colorado Plateau. And I always think of Calexico when I think of Out There. This dreamy little instrumental piece from “Feast of Wire” (still my favorite) drifts in and out of my mind.

8 thoughts on “Poem “The mud of the rio grande does not easily release” at Gobblers / Masticadores

  1. I feel like I have been to the RIo Grande with this grand piece. I’ll be back for a slower re-read to be sure.

    Also I want to thank you for your kind comments to me. They mean so much. My fatigue and lack of finesse has first put your comment in the pending file, then whilst trying to retrieve it, has relegated it somewhere to the cosmos. But I read it, and I am grateful.

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    • I’m glad you like it, and when you come back, you’ll find a different photo that fits the poem better – it comes from an area near Taos, NM and it was quite a day when the storm hit…

      Speaking of storms, they just don’t let up for us mortals, it seems. I remember what I wrote and meant it, and am happy to know it gave you comfort. 💗

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  2. Don’t always get the poetry stuff. After seeing memadtwo’s reply, I, like Pleasant Street, went back for a slower re-read. Afterward, I said, “Ah okay, there it is.”.
    After another read I felt…ahh, there I am.

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    • The good thing about my poems is that there are so few of them, you pretty much have to re-read them. 😉 I’m glad the transportation spell worked; it’s a good place to be…

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