Deep Bite

‘You’d be a great candidate for Invisalign,’ chirps the new dentist, and this takes me by surprise. The part about the wear on my molars, I knew. The stress to which I’ve been subjecting my perma-clenched jaws. But it’s the first time I’ve heard this recommendation, based on my ‘deep bite’. Something is changing for the worse.

The receptionist runs the estimate, hands it over with a perceptible wince. I choke at the sight of the out-of-pocket cost: $5000 with my useless, toothless insurance. I sign a form acknowledging my understanding of the unattainable. My condemnation to the dentition of my grandmothers. My mother, with a premolar gap she can’t afford to fill.

My hands shake as I sign. There’s a pounding in my ears, and when I briefly close my eyes, my vision is a warm, inviting, arterial red. No. No. I muzzle the instinct to lunge at the innocent receptionist. She smiles sadly, deaf to the shredding of my inner skin. I leave before the bones pop and the howling rage begins. It requires no moon.

I find a solitary place to writhe. Eventually, my mayhem unspent, despair comes to smooth down all the bristles, grind down all the points. A rabbit rustles in pouncing distance. Finches flit within my swipe. Aware that my prey is something other – and elusive enough to drive one mad.

The throat that matches my bite spans multitudes. And not knowing where to begin, I starve.


A little something different to amuse my Cool Cousin on his birthday; as he knows, I get my bite from more than my mother’s side.

There are many versions of this now (and I LOVE “Wolfwalkers”) but this stripped-down session is still my favorite.

Wolf image by Sandra Peterson via Pixabay

13 thoughts on “Deep Bite

  1. EGADS! $5000! Dentistry is crazy as hell these days. I don’t know. A lot of times I just don’t know if these things are worth it. A little imperfection adds charm! On the other hand, that is of course a personal choice and its worth depends on the buyer.

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  2. When my parents died and left me some money, sadly, that’s when I could afford implants. I’s rather they were still around, but I must admit it makes a huge difference. And why is it that medical insurance doesn’t cover your teeth? (K)

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  3. It’s interesting that teeth are different here too. We get health care free on the National Health Service but have to pay for dentistry (though the basic things are subsidised). I lost a front tooth a couple of years ago and hated having a false one so much that I just had to get an implant – but I used money I had from giving up smoking so it wasn’t so bad – and it wasn’t $5000!

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    • Curious indeed, in a way that makes me rail against capitalism. I’m glad your implant was affordable. And if smokes cost what they do here, what you saved was significant!

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  4. The cost of dentistry is so prohibitive. Its stupid. Especially when you read about the zillions of dental treatments and procedures carried out for no justifiable reason. Or for a bullshit reason made up just to encourage people to do it.

    Your writing is delicious. I could feel your turbulence from here and I think we should hang out. *Insert twisted grin here*

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