Short Story at THE CHAMBER MAGAZINE: “Mother of Sands”

Photo by PIXNIO

I’m happy to announce that my dark science fiction short story, “Mother of Sands” was published today in The Chamber Magazine. (Kind thanks to Phil Slattery for accepting two of my works this month. The poem I mentioned in my last post will appear next week; a little more background will be posted here at that time.)

Here is a subtle soundtrack for your reading:

By the way, writers of dark fiction and horror, The Chamber is open for submissions — I’d love to see the magazine build on its strong foundations so far!


14 thoughts on “Short Story at THE CHAMBER MAGAZINE: “Mother of Sands”

    • Sarah you’ve made my day. ♡ I’m so glad it worked for you — though perhaps I should apologize for bringing you among the haunted! 😉 Had this in my head for some time…


  1. While reading this, I found myself grinning, something resembling more a dispassionate crescent moon than a calm crimson smile. Afterward, I realized the grin hid clenched teeth.

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